There’s still time to get your Summer Essentials

There’s still time to get your Summer Essentials

And just like that we find ourselves more than halfway through Summer, but don’t stress, it isn’t over yet! There’s still plenty of time to enjoy Australia’s stunning nature this Summer.

Whether that means getting in the water, or going on your favourite hiking trails, having some good gear handy means you won’t have to think twice when you wake up in the morning. The only question will be where will you go!

Aussie Summer’s get hot.

Perhaps not a Newsworthy headline, but it can be very easy to forget just how hot our Summer’s can get over here in the land down under. Without proper preparation it can actually become quite dangerous. Nowhere is this more true than in the area of hydration.

Yes, that wonderful H20 is like nectar from the God’s on a 35 degree day. So, if you’re the active type then we’ve got you covered.

If it’s pure water you want, then you can’t go past the Camelbak HydroBak 1.5L Hydration Packs. These are comfortable and easy to use, meaning you don’t even have to stop for water breaks if you want to go go go. For the really long journeys you can never have enough water, that’s what the Camelbak Ratchet 3L Hydration Packs or the Camelbak Mule 3L Hydration Packs are for.

If you’re looking to pack lunch as well, then the Oztrail Gecko 2L Hydration Pack will give you a backpack as well as keeping your water handy. If you don’t mind a little extra weight then these stylish Camelbak HAWG 3L Mil Spec Antidote Long Coyote CM will keep you adventuring all day!

Got a busted pipe? Don’t replace the whole pack, just get one of our Camelbak Mil Spec Antidote Replacement Tube Black, now only $39.99. And don’t be a grub: keep your hydration pack nice and clean with these Camelbak Cleaning Tablets 8 Pack.


Keep yourselves sun safe.

Water is an indispensable priority when it comes to Summer safety, but it’s not the only danger. Keeping yourself protected from the sun is also important. There’s nothing like a good comfortable hat to do that for you.

Check out these classic Shimano Straw Hats, perfect for the beach and they even come in kids sizes. Let the kids play in the water all day with no fear of the scorching sun with the Shimano Kids Legionaires Hat Navy. And it’s not just the kids that get to have this fun, we’ve got them for mum and dad too!


First (aid) things first

 Whether you’re going kayaking, or bushwalking, or even just spending a day by the river, you’ll never regret taking a first aid kit with you. Whether it’s the need for a quick bandaid, or a serious bluebottle sting, having a good first aid kit handy will really help you to relax.

For Bushwalkers out there, don’t leave home without the Bob Cooper Survival Snake & Venom Kit. You never know where a snake might be getting the most of their summer as well. For all you need in first aid, you can’t go past the Companion Family First Aid Kit. If you prefer to pack a little lighter and just want a couple of essentials then the Companion Adventure First Aid Kit should do the trick.

Above all, we want to make sure you enjoy the last of this Summer. So pop into a Freddy’s store and let us help you get all the Summer Essentials for you and your family.

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