Bonfires and Beach days in the Summer

Bonfires and Beach days in the Summer

We could talk about the summer holidays forever. No work to show up to, the sun is shining, the cool drinks never tasted so refreshing, the constant smell of fresh fish on the BBQ, and the campfires are burning hot into the balmy night. 

Yep, there’s nothing like an Aussie summer and the rugged outdoors. And here at Freddy’s we know that the difference between the summer-of-dreams-come-true, and the summer-that-was-just-kind-of-alright, is about being prepared and having the right gear.

So, here’s our list of gear that will give you the summer-of-dreams-come-true! (and come on, who are you kidding not to want all your dreams come true this summer?)

Mozzie repellents

Somehow when God made summer in Australia he must have thought to himself “no, no, this won’t do… it’s too perfect” and so to make it more challenging, he created flies, bluebottles, and the devil’s army itself: mosquitos. Thankfully, some ingenious fella figured out a loophole, and they called him the Bushman. 

We’re continuing his legacy. Keep the Bushman Aerosol Repellant With 40% Deet in your budgie smugglers and you won’t be hearing a single whine night or day. Or combine it with some sun protection with the Bushman Repellant Plus 75g With Sunscreen.

For the longest lasting protection in the game choose the Bushman Ultra Dry Gel 75g.

Of course sometimes the mozzies get so thick you end up eating them. If that’s the case you can’t go past the Sea To Summit Ultra Mesh Head Net. Sleep in peace with the Sea To Summit Permethrin Treated Mosquito Nets, or the Oztrail Bell Mosquito Nets will get you out of trouble as well.

Like the Bushman said, “do not feed the Mozzies!”

Thank Goodness for the Gazebo

Half tent, half tarp, set up with the ease of a click, protection from sun and rain. The pop up Gazebo is your best friend when it comes to outdoor living in Australia.

For a classic, you can’t go past the Coleman Deluxe 3X3m Gazebo – this will provide the ultimate quick recharge homebase: a cold drink and a fresh slap of sun cream and then back out to the grand adventure.

For more “permanent residents” go for the Coleman Deluxe 3X6m Gazebo – the extra space will give grandma a permanent place to sit while still providing room for the eskies.

If sitting in for a few extra cold ones is your idea of a good time then you might want a little shade and wind protection. The Coleman 3X4.5m Gazebo Sunwall will sort you out, as will the Oztrail Gazebo 4.5m Walls.

If you want to get really fancy and modern, why not try out the Oztrail Gazebo Portico addition for a little day nap, or the perfect sleeping room for the infant so you and the Mrs can stay with the party. Available in 2.4m or 3.0m  and both now 25% off!

We can get a little Gazebo crazy here at Freddy’s, so for all your Gazebo fantasies check out our full range here.

The Eskie

Has there ever been a piece of gear more essential to outdoor living than the Eskie?

Whether it’s keeping your beers cold, or juices for the kids, bringing the snags to the barbie or making sure there’s an extra seat for Ned who happened to walk by your camp spot, you’ll never regret having a few eskies on hand.

Did you know these things now come with wheels!? Like the Coleman 47L Xtreme Wheeled Cooler. They come big enough to store drinks for the whole neighbourhood like the Dometic Cool Ice CI92L Long Ice Box. They have split sections so you’ll be confused as to whether you need a fridge anymore or not, like the Icey Tek 115L White Split Lid Right Ice Box.

AND, Freddy’s has up to 40% off some of our best range of Eskies and Iceboxes.

So why are you still reading? Get down to Freddy's and get the family outside now!

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