Amazing autumn hikes around Australia.

Amazing autumn hikes around Australia.

As it becomes obvious that Covid has really got us contained to our own country for some time now, more and more people are exploring their own backyard and finding it to be quite incredible. Hiking in Australia is one of the most underrated aspects of outdoor life here, but there are some incredible places to visit.


Autumn is the perfect time to do some hiking. It’s cool enough so as not to get scorched by the Aussie summer sun, yet not so cold that you might get caught in a blizzard. There are hikes to do in the Snowy Mountains of NSW and in Victoria too. Tasmania has the famous Overland trek, while QLD will entertain you with more tropical landscapes.  If you really want to go outback, then the Trek Larapinta will keep you occupied for weeks!


Whether you’re looking for day hikes, or an overnight sprawl, you’re going to want good hiking gear. It really makes the difference between an amazing experience and an awful one.


Water. Water. Water.


Easily the most important thing when hiking. Particularly if you’re in an environment where there are no rivers and lakes around. If you’re hiking through rainforest, or river land then something like the Camelbak Eddy 750ml Water Bottles will do the trick. But pretty soon you’ll realise that it’s much more convenient and you can take a lot more if you use something like the Camelbak HydroBak 1.5L Hydration Packs or the Camelbak Crux Reservoirs.




Next on the list is what backpack you’re going to need. For day trips, you can’t go past either the Blackwolf Tempo Travel Packs or combine water and backpack with the Camelbak HAWG 3L Mil Spec Antidote Long Coyote CM. For overnight hikes, we’ve got a great range right here.


Game changing equipment you might not have thought of.


Eventually when hiking you’re going to end up going through some thick grass or scrub of some kind. Bugs love grass. Snakes also do too. You might feel silly at first putting these Sea To Summit Grasshopper Gaiters on, but you certainly won’t when you’re trekking through knee deep scratchy grass! For something a little less up to your knees, go for the Sea To Summit Tumbleweed Ankle Gaiters.


Sometimes, when hiking, you get wet, or you want to get wet, when you see a beautiful creek to swim in. Keeping some Sea To Summit Pocket Towels with you will have you prepared for any wet situation.


Trekking poles? Really? Trust us, once you begin to use trekking poles you’ll never go back to walking without them. They get you using your whole body rather than just your poor little legs. The Black Diamond Trail Back S19 Trekking Poles will get you started, but for serious distance the Black Diamond Distance Carbon FLZ S18 125cm Trekking Poles will become your best friends.


Keep your phones and tablets charged wherever you are with this amazing Biolite Solarpanel 5+!


Safety first.

Other than water, which is the number 1 safety factor, don’t go for a long hike without some kind of first aid kit. On some of Australia’s hikes you won’t see people for hours at a time, and you may only have you to save yourself.


Our Companion Adventure First Aid Kit is the perfect companion to help you feel safe, or if snakes are more what you’re worried about don’t leave without a Bob Cooper Survival Snake & Venom Kit. Other than first aid, one of the handiest survival tools is the old but faithful compass. The Silva Ranger MS Compass will fit snugly around your neck making sure you stay on track should you ever get lost.


With hiking gear, it really does come down to what works for you, so start with the basics and then get out there for what’s going to be a stunning Aussie Autumn!


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