Don’t Go Fishing Again Without This Checklist!

Don’t Go Fishing Again Without This Checklist!

If you’re a long time fisherman (or woman) then you most likely know all too well the pain of not having what you need when you need it. If you’re just starting out and this hasn’t happened to you yet, well… God bless your soul. 

What are we talking about? Let’s set the scene: 

It’s a warm summer morning and you’ve made your way out to an ideal little nook on the rocks. Robbo arrives just as you send out your line for the first time that morning. The subtle sound of the whip of the rod puts you instantly at peace.  

 Ahhhh, fishing again. 

Then, almost as soon as it hits the water, Bam! A huge bite! You wrestle for a couple of seconds - she’s a big beauty this one! - but before you have a chance to even recognise your good luck, the tension is gone. Damn. You reel it in only to find you’ve lost everything - bait, hook, swivel and sinker. Gone. 

You rush back to your kit to quickly re-rig your line. You open up the tackle box and feel your heart sink. That was your last heavy weight sinker, and there’s nothing in the kit that can replace it. Robbo chucks his line in, and before you know it he’s pulled in a big beautiful KingFish, the grin on his face only makes your despair worse. 

Trust us, you don’t want to be in this position. Ever. 

So, here is a quick fishing equipment checklist, that you should check EVERY TIME before you go out for a fish. 

The Basics: 

  • Rod and Reel. 

Well, this is a no brainer. If you’re going out fishing without either one of these we hope you’re in touch with your primal fishing ancestry.  

In saying that, If you’re looking for a new rod and reel set up, don’t look any further. Here at Freddy’s we have the most extensive range of reels (here) and rods (here) online, and at the cheapest prices in Australia.  If you’re just starting out, then come into a store - our staff are dedicated fishermen and women who are bursting at the seems to share their hard won expertise. 

  • Bait.  

The fresher and smellier the better!  

  • Line 

You can never have enough, and we’ve got all you need here!  

  • Chopping board 

Particularly if you’re somewhere without a solid surface like the beach. Nothing worse than trying to cut up fresh bait in sinking sand. 

  • Knife 

More knives are  better than one, but one is better than none. We can’t go past the Classic Scaler Back Bait Knife - available now online here at Freddy’s 

  • Net 

Especially if you’re fishing in the boat or off the rocks! 

  • Fish Sticker/ size guide 

Sustainable fishing means you and your kids and your kid’s kids can keep on fishing for as long as you like. It’s important to know what you can and can’t keep. 

  • Old tea towel 

An old piece of cloth will come in handy often in surprising ways. Particularly if you’ve just brought in the big one! 


The Tackle Box

Please don’t keep your tackle in a plastic bag. Just, please, don’t. You can go as simple as our best seller The Samaki Slitor currently on special the mother ship: the Plano 1374. 

  • Trace line 

Don’t lose another fish thinking you can get away with the cheap thin stuff. Our Black Magic Supple Trace is on special now! 

  • Swivels 

Check out our range here 

  • Sinkers 

We don’t need any more broken fisherman’s (or fisherwoman’s!) hearts in the world. If you think you might need some more of your favourite sinker, then you do need some more. Check out our Surecatch Snapper Sinkers online! 

  • Hooks 

There’s no greater selection Australia wide than here. 

  • Pliers 

Trust us, it can be very easy to waste a lot of time trying to wrangle that hook out of that annoying undersized fish if you don’t have the tools. Pliers are a must, and we’ve got the best. 

Of course there’s other important things like water snacks and sunscreen to help keep you out there for longer. But they aren’t the things to help you reel in that big beauty. We hope this helps, and if you ever need the best expertise in Australia, come pop into a Freddy’s near you! 


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