Give the kids a camping chair too!

Give the kids a camping chair too!

Set the scene. 

It’s the school holidays and you and the family are at your favourite camping site: close to the water and sunshine, under the shade of a magnificent gumtree, and most importantly, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It’s Tuesday, actually, you don’t know what day it is because they’re all blending into one glorious and blissful whole. You’ve just eaten a lazy lunch of fresh sandwiches and left over fish (which you caught last night, by the way, in such tremendous fashion that, had it been caught on camera, you just know you’d be getting a call from Andrew Ettinghausen asking you to feature on his latest episode of Ultimate Fishing Adventures). 

This of course, may or may not have been coupled with a few complementary cold ones straight from the ice cold esky. 

What happens after this feast of feasts? Well that’s a no brainer: you and the Mrs pull up your favourite camping chair and enjoy another cold one, something to, or maybe a little bit of time to reflect upon how good that catch really felt yesterday evening. 

The camping chairs.

Being the adult in the situation you probably have your choice of a plethora of outdoor camping chairs. Maybe it’s The Recliner: The perfect combination of support and relaxation with the priceless option for you to pull off the classic, yet hard to master, Homer Simpson maneuver. This involves a quick bum shuffle to engage the recline feature which brings you parallel to the ground to find yourself suddenly in a deep and glorious mid-afternoon shut eye. 

It could be the classic Quad Chair that you choose: this camping classic gives you both comfort and support (this support also includes for your beer and getting lost in a fishing fantasy).

Of course maybe relaxing into a nap isn’t your idea of an afternoon well spent. If that’s the case The Directors Chair might be right for you. If you like to keep your eye on the action, staying alert to whatever the camping ground might have to offer you, then there’s no going past the Directors Chair.

The point is, you’ve got you choice and everything’s perfect, right?

But what about the kids?

Well, to make sure, let’s take a look at the same scene from the view of one of your kids. Try and put yourself back in your own child body while you take in the scene:

Everything’s been equal up to this point: you get to surf together, fish together, play in the river together – total freedom to do whatever you want with whoever you want. It comes to lunch and everyone gets a seat and everyone gets to eat. There’s laughter and frivolity and delicious food. Mum and dad are in a good mood and you can’t believe how lucky you are to be on holidays.

And then, with seemingly no warning, the divide occurs. Like a fishing rod with no holder, or a beer can without a stubby holder, you look around to see mum and dad settling into their luxurious camping chairs, with a look of contented glee spread across their face.

You look around and quickly realise there’s no such chair for you.

“Daaaaaaaaaaadddddd. Where’s my chair?”

You realise you’ll have to sit on the ground and watch on in jealousy as your parents somehow relax even more.

Ok, come back to your adult self.

Spoilt little brat, we hear you whisper to yourself. Well that’s one way to view the situation. But we’ve got a better idea. 


Not only are they the perfect size for children but the Oztrail Deluxe Junior Chairs are currently only $19.95!

Take your camping to the next level. Come into a Freddy’s store and set yourself up for the perfect camping holiday adventure.

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