The Great Aussie Camping Checklist

The Great Aussie Camping Checklist

There's nothing quite like a trip away, whether it’s with mates or family, the route planning and preparation can be half the fun. Of course, nothing spoils that trip more than forgetting a crucial bit of gear. If you've ever used a rock to try and bash your tent pegs in the ground, you know what we mean.

With that in mind, we've put together the The Great Aussie Camping Checklist!

Read on to discover the must-have items for your next trip, you may find you have some of them already, or it might be time to upgrade.



With the use of modern materials and technology, tents have come a long way from the old leaky canvas monstrosities that Dad used to lug about. From ‘instant-up’ to swags, and twelve person dome tents. We have something to cover every need.


Protect your tent from sticks and rocks with a good ground sheet. Ground sheets also help keep the rising cold coming up from the ground during the night.

Sleeping Bags

camping sleeping bags

There’s a few things to consider when buying a sleeping bag; namely temperature rating, size and weight.

The temperature rating will of course, be dictated by where you plan to camp and the time of year you’re planning to do it. If you were for example, planning an adventure on the West Coast of Tassie, you’re definitely going to need a winter sleeping bag.

Size will come down to personal preference and if you’re planning to share your bag with someone else.

Weight is always a consideration if you plan to hike to your fav camping spot. Weight also comes into play if you like touring and camping on your motorcycle.

Blankets and Sheets

Some like to include some extra bedding, especially if you’re bringing the kids. A sheet can be a soft barrier between the sleeping mat or stretcher. Blankets provide extra warmth if needed.


What type of bedding you take camping is a personal choice. Some like an air mattress, where others prefer a stretcher or a simple sleeping mat. Again, we’re spoilt for choice these days with the types of bedding available and the range of materials used. Some of the mattresses and sleeping mats are even self inflating.


No bedding is complete without a comfy pillow. The good news is, they pack up nice and small, take up little space and don’t weigh much at all. There’s also self inflating options available in pillows.


We reckon a headlamp has to be one of the most important items to include when you’re camping. Your hands are free to wash the dishes, hammer in a tent peg, or crack a cold one.

Cooking & Food Preparation

Aussie family camping

Don’t you think one of the best things about camping is the cooking? Food somehow tastes better outdoors and under the stars. Below is our list of all-important cooking paraphernalia.

Camp Stove or Burner

Pots, Pans and Griddles

Plates, Bowls and Dinnerware


Chopping board


Washing up liquid

Camping Table




Camping Meals

Food Savers



If you’ve ever gone camping without a Chair you know how uncomfortable sitting on a log can be. Even worse, sometimes the ground is the only option. We have a great range of chairs and hammocks available, most of which will also hold your drink. Life is good.


Any Australian knows one thing to be true when you hit the Great Outdoors – there’s going to be bugs. Be sure to bring some bug spray, and better yet, keep them off you entirely with a head net or mosquito net for sleeping.


Music player


Electricity isn’t always handy when you’re camping, so being prepared and bringing a solar charger makes perfect sense.

First Aid and Snake Bite Kits

Torches and Spotlights

Citronella Oil

Burning Citronella is a great trick for keeping away the mozzies. Put some in a Hurricane Lantern and keep your camp site bug-free.


snorkelling in Australias beautiful oceans

Setting up camp is fun, but of course you also want to get out there and enjoy the environment that you’ve come to visit. Below we listed some of our top picks of items that will help you enjoy the Great Outdoors.

Swim Gear

Mask, Snorkel and Fins

Spear Fishing

Fishing Kits

We’ve got a great range of fishing combos, and tackle to suit the most discerning fisherman, to the complete novice.

Sun Protection

Sun Glasses


Sun Shelters and Beach Shades

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