Choosing the right Clothing for Fishing

Choosing the right Clothing for Fishing

Between the stories of your mate reeling in the perfect snapper, the search for the perfect rod and reel setup, and what kind of bait to use and when, the conversation doesn’t often revolve around clothes. Somehow they don’t seem so important – and maybe when you’re reeling in a 15kg monster, the last thing on your mind is “gosh I hope I’m wearing the right shirt”.

But getting the right clothing for fishing is often the difference between a truly enjoyable, long lasting, safe day of fishing, and one that feels like it ends just as it began. Here’s a guide on choosing the best clothing to help you get the most out of wherever you’re throwing the rod and reel in. 


Newsflash: it gets cold in Australia. Especially when it’s 6am by the ocean and the wind is up. Keeping comfortable and warm is critical to keep yourself comfortable, but also so all your body parts are still working.


The key to every good winter outfit is thermals. These 360 Degrees Polypro Bottom Thermals with the Polypro Long Sleeve Top Thermals are the building block to every winter outfit.


Add a Penn Charcoal Black Hoodie Jumper and you’ll be fishing all day.

If it’s looking like it might rain then simply add the Elemental H/D Clear Reusable Poncho to the line up.

When it comes to cold, often it is the wind that is your worst enemy. That’s what the Salty Crew Hotwire Windbreaker was made for. This stylish number will also protect you from a little rain should it come your way. 


It’s a different story in summer, because you’re going to need to protect yourself from our brutal sun, while also keeping from getting too hot. This means acquiring some long sleeve, yet light clothing, as well as some protective gear to stave off the sun. 

For the men, check out these classic looking Shimano Adult Vented Shirts. These bad boys are so stylish you could wear them to your day job and be the talk of the office.

If you prefer something a little flashier, then you can’t go past the Samaki Saltwater Barra Adult Fishing Shirts. If you really want to get into the mind of the fish you’ll be catching, then best to go in camouflage with the Samaki Scale Grey Adult Fishing Shirts.

For the women out there, Shimano also does a range of tailored Ladies Vented Shirts in some gorgeous colours that will make the fish feel jealous. Of course, if you prefer to be a little louder in fashion, then the Bigfish Pinkfish Blue Ladies Adult Fishing Shirts might be the better choice.



There’s really no going past the Shimano Straw Hat for protection and comfort to last all day, though if it gets a little windy you may wish you had packed the Shimano Bucket Hat. Of course, we know some of you will only ever feel at home under a trucker cap, which is why we’ve got a big range of them like the legendary Salty Crew Bruce Trucker Cap.



Last, but certainly not least, in fact possibly the most important. Being in constant sun reflecting off the water all day can burn the inside of your eyes. It’s critical that you have sunglasses that are polarised with a high UV protection rate. 

Take a look at our range, from these stylish Mako GT 9583 Polarised Sunglasses to the sturdy Spotters Artic+ Gloss Sunglasses.


Slip Slop Slap. 

We can’t take sun safety seriously enough here at Freddy’s. In Australia, we have some of the most damaging UV rays in the world, which can ultimately lead to cancer. We want to reinforce the message that every time you go out for a fish, whether it be for an hour or all day, make sure you  ‘SLIP, SLOP, SLAP!’

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