The 4x4 essentials every 4WDriver must have!

The 4x4 essentials every 4WDriver must have!


There’s nothing quite like getting off the beaten track and exploring the great Australian landscape, whether through bush, water or desert. Part of the thrill and enjoyment of 4WDriving is that by its very essence it’s dangerous. There’s a reason being on a highway doesn’t feel like an adventure - the whole track’s been laid out for you already.

Yes, the very thing that makes 4x4ing so exciting is that you might get stuck. If you’re a true 4WDriver, a part of you wants to get stuck, right? There’s no better feeling than getting yourself out of a tricky situation to then end the day by a campfire, some cold beers and some good laughs about the day’s adventure.

Of course, the difference between the best day of your life, and your worst nightmare coming true, may only be the slightest of things. “Oh s&%t! We forget the…” fill in the blank.

So, if you happen to be one of the lucky buggers who love to get off-road, or the idea excites you and you’re wondering where to begin, here is some essential gear you should never 4WD without!

Recovery Tracks

These need to live in your car. Adventure with the knowledge that when, (not if) you get stuck these bad boys will have your back. Our Tred GT 1100mm Recovery Devices are now only $197! Or for ultra confidence, you can’t go past the Tred Pro 1180mm Recovery Device Gun Metal Grey, now only $269!


Air Compressor

Getting the inflation right on your tyres is one of the 101 basics of knowing how to 4WD. Deflating tyres to the right pressure, with the ability to boost them back up when need be is essential. This Dr Air 12V 150PSI/35LPM Air Compressor should get you out of trouble, but to really drive without fear, get the Dr Air 12V 150PSI/75LPM Air Compressor now only $149.95.



You can never have enough water.  This can be the difference between life and death on certain expeditions. Never leave without lots of water. A Campfire 25 Litre Cube Container for only $24.95 will do the trick for most trips. Or for easier use and a more streamlined storage capacity, get a couple of our 20L Jerry Can With Cap & Spout for $27.95 each.


Snatch Kit

Every 4WD should have one of these permanently in their automobile, whether for themselves or to help some other poor amatuer who has got himself in an awful mess. This Oztrail 4WD Snatch Kit 4 PCE has all you need in a handy little bag you can keep inside as a permanent feature. Oh, and it’s currently only $119.95.



No, not your sister’s best friend’s brother... a vehicle jack. If you’re not planning for a flat tyre at some stage, then you’re obviously not really 4WDriving. Flat tyres are inevitable, and therefore so is a jack. For $129.95, the Mean Mother 48 Inch High Lift Jack is a sturdy piece of equipment that will lift you up out of the most awkward positions. Don’t leave home without it.


Spare Battery

It may not happen often, but when it does, you’re not going to want to be there. The Century 4WD N70T Deep Cycle Battery is only $239.96 and will sit nicely in a hidden corner somewhere helping you sleep at night.


A Tool Kit

We’re assuming you know this one already. But if you need some options, our Mean Mother Heavy Duty Tyre Repair Kit is a real beauty. Alternatively we also have the Dr Air Tubeless Tyre Repair Kit which will get your tyres out of trouble.


The Ice Box

What’s the point of having a big long dangerous adventure if at the end of the day you can’t sit around a fire, with a cold beer and have a laugh with your family or mates? The answer: there is no point. The Dometic Cool Ice CI92L Long Ice Box is like the ham on the sandwich, without it, you probably don’t even want the sandwich.

So, what are you waiting for!? Go get out into the great Australian outdoors!


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