The water is waiting for you

The water is waiting for you

The summer heat has well and truly arrived here down under and with that comes the incessant desire to be either in or near the water. Whether it’s by the pool, the lake, the beach, or even the bucket that keeps your drink cool, getting you and the family ready to enjoy the water is a must for the Australian summer.

From water sports to keeping cool beside it, we’ve put together a list of things that will help you make the most of the water this summer, however you like to play with it. 


It’s one of those hot days, you know the type, where by the time you’re back to your towel you already feel like you need another swim. On these days you want to be in the water for as long as possible. Snorkelling is your new best friend. With the right gear, you can spend hours immersed in whatever cool body of water you find yourself in.

The Mirage Barracuda Black Mask, Snorkel & Fin Sets are the perfect starter kit. It’s got all you need to get your first taste of snorkelling. If you want to step up your snorkelling game, the Ocean Pro Ceduna Mask Snorkel & Fin Adult Sets are now 15% off for a tidy $99.95. Get the whole family involved and keep the kids entertained with the Mirage Comet Junior Mask, Snorkel & Fin Sets, now an insane $29.95. 

Sometimes it’s better to keep it simple, in that case a simple mask and snorkel might be all you need. Try the Mirage Tropics Adult Mask & Snorkel Sets. Or on the other extreme, you might want to know what it feels like to be a fish, if that’s the case, why not treat yourself to a Christmas present with the amazing Cressi Pro Light Black Fins.


Keep it shady

No, we don’t mean you should turn into a gangster and start doing shady street deals. When the sun is bursting with heat, those UV rays will turn your skin crispy – and you want your fish crispy, not your own body.


The Oztrail Beach Dome Pop Up Tent is light and easy to set up, making it the perfect refuge to set up near the water and laze about all day. There’s nothing that speaks beach more than the umbrella. The Oztrail Meridian Aluminium Beach Umbrella has a fun stylish look which makes for the perfect home base.


Alternatively the Mirage 2m Green Beach Umbrellas will make you the envy of everyone who has forgotten to bring their own shade with them. They come in a range of funky patterns to suit your taste. While you’re there enjoying the shade, you may as well take a seat: check out the classic Companion Beach Chair Blue for only $21.95, or the slightly fancier Oztrail Newport Beach Chair for true comfort.


Bits and Bobs

Ever lost a paddle while kayaking or Supping? It’s easier to do than you might think. We’ve got you covered with these Oceansouth 2170mm 2pce Kayak Paddles. For the SUP you might be surprised how one of the Solution Waikato Fibreglass Shaft Paddle moves you through the water.


If you want to make sure you don’t lose your paddle, then maybe try adding a Solution Paddle Leash to the kit. Particularly if you’re learning, these will take out the stress and add to the fun. If you think you might be paddling for hours on end, then come prepared with the Solution Eclipse Gloves With Velcro Cuffs. These beauties will help with blisters and keep you in the water all day.


If you have ever been on a long kayak journey, you might be aware of just how uncomfortable the, ah.. rear end can get. The Solution Tripper Kayak Seat is a genius piece of innovation which will give you the comfort to paddle on for hours.


As much as we love the water, there’s no doubt water safety is a serious issue. Give yourself a little peace of mind and strap the toddlers up in one of these Solution Toddler PFD 1 Kids Life Jacket. They’re so comfy they won’t want to take them off and both of you can then enjoy the water with no worries.


Finally, what would a day by the water be without something to keep the drinks cool? We’ve got a range of eskies and iceboxes now currently 40% off. Get in quick, because these are going to sell!

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