The Summer of Spearfishing is waiting for you

The Summer of Spearfishing is waiting for you

With international travel cancelled for the unforeseeable future, this summer will be a true blue Aussie one. Thankfully, considering Australia has some of the best beaches in the world, you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else anyway.

Sometimes though, summer can feel a bit like the same thing on repeat and you can find yourself craving something new to do. Well, we’ve got the answer for you: it’s time to enter the fascinating world of spearfishing.

Spearfishing is not just about nailing that prize catch, but about immersing yourself in the ocean and the stunning underwater scenery that comes with it. Deep in the ocean, all the noise and worries you were carrying dissipate and are replaced by the tranquillity and wonder all around you.

Getting started is not as difficult as you might think. A few basic bits of gear and you’ll be jumping into the strange and wonderful world of spearfishing in no time.

We’ve put together a list of all you need to get started!


The Speargun

Obviously it’s difficult to spearfish without one of these. If you’re just wanting to dip your toes in and see if it’s for you, go for the Oceanhunter SGS Spearguns. These work well and come at an easy entry level price point. 


If you know you want to get a little more serious about your spearfishing, then you can’t go past the Rob Allen Sparid Evo Spearguns. These bad boys will make sure if you ever come across a killer size bream you won’t be missing!


For the ultimate weapon at your side, then there’s no going past the Rob Allen Nomad Reel Spearguns. Once you use one of these, there’s simply no going back. The first-class ticket of spear guns. 

The Fins

One of the most fun and satisfying parts of spearfishing is the sensation that you are a creature just like any other under the water. What makes this possible is a good set of fins. The Cressi Gara Professional LD Fins are a great buy and will help you glide on right by with the sea creatures.

To really feel as though you’re an aquatic mammal, the Salvimar Turn 151 Dive Fins are a stunningly sleek design, which will help you through the water effortlessly.

The Mask

This is one of the most important pieces of gear – an uncomfortable mask will make your trip under the ocean insanely frustrating. Comfort is the key here. Everyone’s face is different so there are an abundance of options to fit your face just right.

Prices don’t vary so much when it comes to masks, but it’s worth taking your time to find a pair that you like the look of and most of all sticks to your face like honey on toast. Check out our large range of masks here.

The Snorkel

The is a basic, yet indispensable piece of gear. Basically you want it to be flexible yet durable. A beginner’s choice might be the Ocean Hunter Phantom Snorkel, or to get a little fancier you could try the Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Black Snorkel.

Like masks, the options are pretty vast. Our full range is here. 

The Knife

A knife can be an underlooked piece of gear, but it is critical to spearfishing. Fish don’t die after they’ve been speared, so it takes skill and efficiency to make sure you do this in the quickest and most humane way possible. A good knife will achieve this.

The Mirage Fancy Dive Knife will get you started, but we recommend getting a high quality knife that will last like the Ocean Hunter Hali Knife, or the Salvimar Coltello Predathor Dive Knife.


The Wetsuit

While not essential (you could technically go without one), often you will be wanting to stay in the water for long periods of time, and a good wetsuit will make this far more likely.

For a basic suit go for the Mirage Camo Adult Wetsuits. Sometimes wetsuits can restrict movement, so if you don’t like that feeling you can’t go past the Ocean Hunter Chameleon Extreme High Stretch 2mm Wetsuits. If staying warm is your main concern then these Cressi Tracina 3.5mm Wetsuits might make you stay in the water forever!

This is just the beginning. There are so many options when it comes to spearfishing from weights and belts, to socks and gloves to all kinds of accessories. But first, get the basics and then get into the water for your endless summer of spearfishing!

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