Great gifts for the family this Christmas

Great gifts for the family this Christmas

Can you believe it’s that time already? After one of the most disruptive and uncertain years

we’ve all had in recent memory, suddenly Christmas is coming in fast, like salmon up a river. Everyone deserves a well earned break this year: a time to do only what brings us joy and rest, and to appreciate and connect with those who matter most to us.

What better way to connect than with the joy of giving and receiving presents. Having spent a lot of time indoors over the year, there will be no better way to spend this holiday season than out in the beautiful natural world. Freddy’s has got you and your family covered for all your outdoor Christmas present needs!

Camping Gear

 If any year was a camping year, this is the one. Even if you’re too late to book a campsite, there’s no reason why you can’t utilise your backyard. Sometimes, the best campsite in the world is literally right outside your front door.

To get that camping feel immediately, all you really need is a tent. It can be as simple as the Oztrail Tasman 2P Person Dome Tent, which will feel like a cozy hideaway for the kids. Or, you could go for the home-away-from-home option, such as the Oztrail Family 10 Person Dome Tent, now 40% off!

Next to the tent, the most iconic piece of camping gear has got to be the camping chair. We’ve got some great discounts on some classics like the Coleman Quad Mesh Beach Chair, and the Oztrail Newport Beach Chair. Get in quick before they sell out!

Camping becomes a whole lot more fun once you add an airbed – the Coleman Quickbed Airbeds are a great entry level for anyone. If you want to feel like royalty, then you’ll be amazed at how comfy the Oztrail Anywhere Bed Queen is. 

And what about campfire cooking? For the complete outdoor cooking set, the Campfire Cast Iron Box Pack 9pce will surprise you at how delicious your cooking can be. It’s now only $139.95.

Fishing Gear

Fishing together as a family is one of the most fun things to do. Make this year your first foray into the world of fishing. Our graphite rods are heavily discounted at the moment, like the Daiwa TD Black Graphite Rods where you will save close to $100 and have a serious piece of gear that will last.

For a bit of an easier entry we offer complete set ups, like the Rapala X Stick Spin Combos, currently only $79.95 and great for any level of fishing. To get the kids excited we have the Shakespeare Hot Rod Kids Combos that come in some fun colours.

Of course, you’ll need some fishing tackle to get started. We’ve got the perfect starter set with the Gillies Bream Species Pack. This handy little package will give you all you need to nab your first catch that you’ll be frying on the fire in no time.

We didn’t call ourselves Freddy’s fishing for no reason: we’ve got an endless supply of options and friendly experts waiting in store to help you find the perfect set up to get your family fishing this Christmas.

Odds and ends make great gifts

There may be nothing quite as important as keeping your drinks cold in the hot Australian summer. The Icekool 25L Poly Icebox is now over 30% off! Or the classic Coleman 6L Personal Cooler is now only $18.87. Perfect for a trip to the beach.

The ultimate fishing shirts - the Shimano Adult Vented Shirts are now only $44.95.

If you haven’t heard of Jetboil Flash Cooking Systems, it’s about time you did. These are the ultimate camping companions - safe, flexible and efficient, and now over 30% off. 

Have you ever given the gift of Hammock before? If you haven’t, trust us, it’s an experience worth trying. The Oztrail Anywhere Hammock Double With Frame hammock is now over 40% off for a crazy $89.90!

Hopefully this whets your appetite a little for the coming holiday season. We know you’ll find the perfect present for any family member at Freddy’s this year!

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