Top Tips to Keeping Your Food and Beer Ice Fresh

Top Tips to Keeping Your Food and Beer Ice Fresh

Everyone knows that the classic old esky/ice box is an indispensable piece of equipment when it comes to any kind of serious (or not so serious) outdoor adventuring and camping. But there’s nothing worse than coming back after a hard day of fun to find your beer warm, and your sandwiches soggy. 

There’s a certain kind of Ice Box savoir faire (fancy french talk for knowing how to do something) to make sure your food and drink stay cool and fresh when you crave it most. 

Trail X has just launched a range of sleek looking, yet tough as crocodile’s teeth, Ice Boxes made and designed by Evakool Australia. These beauty’s are available exclusively at Freddy’s Fishing. 

From Small to Large.

The Trail-X 21L Xplore Icebox is your classic size Icebox. Made for a day out at the beach with your friends. You can fit a nice packed lunch and a couple of drinks and these will stay cool all day.  

Top Tip number 1Use block ice instead of crushed ice.

Crushed is full of space and air so the amount of solid ice is less. This basically means that your ice is going to melt sooner. We probably don’t need to tell you that water is not as cool as ice. Block ice will last longer and take up less space! 

The Trail-X 46L Xplore Icebox is the next step up. Still the same sturdy and sleek design, but whereas the 21 litre is good for a casual cheese platter and beers with your friends, this 46 litre is made for the full blown 3 course lunch with the family.  

Top Tip number 2: Keep your ice box out of the sun. 

It sounds kind of obvious, but it’s the most commonly made mistake. The sun is your icebox’s worst enemy. Even though these Trail-X bad boys are made for the harshest Aussie conditions, if you keep it in the shade, your beers will stay cooler for longer.  

The Trail-X 88L Xplore Icebox makes not only lunch and dinner with drinks possible, but breakfast the next morning too! The long sleek design makes organisation and compartmentalisation a dream, so you can find what you want when you want. 

Top Tip number 3: Open your icebox as little as possible. 

This becomes even more important if you’re staying overnight or for a couple of nights. The basic equation is, the more you open it the shorter it will stay cool. If you can, know exactly what you want to get out before you open it up. Then you can be in and out in a flash keeping the cool where it needs to be! 

The Trail-X 132L Xplore Icebox is the king and queen of iceboxes. This one is made for you, the family, the extended family and all their boyfriends and girlfriends! If you want a buffet fit for royalty, you can be guaranteed it will fit in this one! 

Top Tip number 4: Prepare your icebox.

Pre cooling your ice box the night before is doing half the work. Spread some crushed ice all around and leave overnight so that the air is icy before you put your goods inside. Also, make sure whatever goes into the icebox is cool before it goes in. Anything warm that goes in ultimately draws heat and lessens the length of the coolness. 

Final on the list is the Trail-X Big Rig Icebox Wheeled Cooler 75L. The difference here is simply that this one has wheels, making it very handy if your destination is far away from the car. Save your back and have a drink while you cart your lunch along. 

Top Tip number 5: Add salt to your ice.

Sounds strange, but salty water has a lower freezing temperature than still water meaning that your ice will actually be colder. If you can freeze seawater, this will work even better! 

So, pop into a Freddy’s near you, or take advantage of our online ordering system and plan yourself a portable feast asap! 


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