Maria Rerise Sinking 105mm Stickbait Lures

by Maria
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The new concept Lure from Maria "RERISE" can search deep areas normal minnows can't reach. The heavy weight enables lets you drop the lure to the bottom, the swimming action imitates a wound bait fish. The result is explosive strikes from predator fish!Maria Rerise baits are to target saltwater blue runner fish like amber jacks, yellow tails hiding at water bottom of 50-100ft, 15-30m depth.

Detailed Description

Let Rerise sink at free line to water bottom, 30m for 30 seconds, then slowly pull up to 15m range, while you let it sink again. This Drag-up tactics turned very effective for low-tentioned fish during days.



40 Grams

105mm Length

Slow sinking