Live Target Blueback Herring Swimbait Lures


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The Blueback Herring Swimbait is designed to be used in shallow or deep water from 1-8 feet. It features a weed guard, built-in stability keel and tuned tail that brings it to life. Ideal for barra replicating the baitfish, Herring. With two sizes and a medium-slow sink rate, these swimbaits will make even a veteran 'shiner fisherman' take a second look. 

Available in 4.5" and 6", this Herring looks like it just jumped out of the baitwell. Use it to target saltwater predators when herring are schooled up or spawning.

4.5" Model 

22 Grams (3/4 oz)

120mm (4.5") Length

Sinking 1-8 ft 


6.5" Model 

58 Grams (2 oz) 

165mm (6.5") Length 

Sinking 1-8ft