Trail-X O.G Swags With 70mm Mat & Canvas Bag

by Trail-X
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Meet Australia's ultimate range of swags!! Trail-X delivers unmatched quality and design at a fraction of the cost to what you'd think. As the name suggests, the O.G range of swags by Trail-X are truely the ultimate outback in quality, design and comfort. Super tough 400gsm polycotton canvas, ultra comfortable 70mm open cell foam mattress and a heavy duty canvas carry bag all make this swag unrivalled in its class!!

Detailed Description

Designed and tested in Australia to suit Aussie conditions, the O.G range is built using the best possible materials, offering a swag that is unmatched in its class. Available in two great sizes, a King Single which is  1100mm wide ( bigger than most other singles which are only 900mm wide ) and a monster Double which is 1550mm wide 

( bigger than most other double's which are only 1400mm wide ). 

What truely sets the O.G range of swags apart from the rest in the cleverly engineered pole design. The pole design squares off the sides of the swag offering far more room inside the swag for a start. From each corner inside the swag your have the maximum height available offering better comfort. There is also absolutely no canvas sag throughout the swag offering better waterproofing and less flapping noise in heavy wind and rain. The pole design also helps with water pooling and sag if used in the snow. The large front side panels also have eyelets punched in so you can guy rope them open even the the rain offering better ventilation in adverse weather. 


The shell is built using a super tough, water resistant, ripstop 400gsm polycotton canvas matched with a heavy duty PVC bucket floor. This offers superb waterproofing and durability. Strong high tensile alloy 10.2mm end poles, a heavy duty alloy spreader pole, super fine bug free mesh, oversized SBS zips, galvanised D rings and thick pole clips all add to the toughness and longevity of this swag range. There simply is no better swag for the money!


Just because it's built tough doesn't mean it lacks on comfort. The 70mm open cell foam mattress offers never before seen comfort from a swag mattress!! The mattress on both models is a monster 2.1m long. 


Now for what we think is the crowning jewel!! Unlike many others, this swag includes a heavy duty 400gsm polycotton canvas carry bag that has been cleverly designed to offer unmatched value and quality.

Most swag bags on the market have a straight lined zip on the top of the bag for access. Unless your'e Hercules, rolling up your swag tight enough to fit in the bag is a hard task and the normal zipper design on most bags can make it near impossible. The usual zipper design also doesn't offer any protection from the harsh outdoor elements like rain and dust. The Trail-X swag bag however redefines your packing experience!!

The unique zipper design opens you're swag bag from the top and down each side, creating a massive space for you to place your swag. This allows you to easily place your swag in the bag without even a hint of strain. There is also a wide canvas flap that covers the zips the entire way round the bag which offers better water resistance to most bags on the market. The bags are also oversized and will easily fit your sleeping bag as well. These features along with double stitched shoulder straps, heavy duty front and rear grab handles and oversized SBS zips makes the Trail-X swag bag the ultimate swag bag on the market!!

Whether you're down south in the freezing cold or up the top end in the blistering heat, the Trail-X range of swags will keep you both warm or cool year round. Grab yours today and become a part of the camping revolution. Trail-X, Xplore the unknown, in style...



King Single - 2150X1100X750mm - 15KG

Double - 2150X1550X900mm - 17KG

Fabric - 400gsm rip stop polycotton canvas

Base - 450gsm PVC bucket floor

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Customer Reviews

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Malcolm barnett

Trail-X O.G Swags With 70mm Mat & Canvas Bag

Luzia F.
Very good deal

We are very happy with this swag. The mattress is thick enough for overweight people and the extra width of the tent is also great.
I only wish that there were a few hooks along the ceiling of the swag to hang lamps or fans etc..

Sharyn Saville
Trail X Double Swag

Exceptionally quick and easy to set up and put away. Inside swag was surprisingly spacious. Very comfy mattress, and sleeping bags with fitted ends worked very well also.

David Hurst
Trailex 1550 swag tent

I bought this swag to mount onto a 7 x 4 trailer as a semi permenant set up. It would have been helpfull to have rudimentary instructions as the poles are 3 different lengths. I fguredvthat the short one went to the foot asvthe pictures on the site indicated a fall towards the foot. I fitted the longest to the head but couldnt get the pins in to the bottom of the poles. After that there wasnt any other choices so finally got it erected. As it wont be rolled up i stuck a 50mm mattress under the 70mm one provided with the swag. It oviously reduced the head clearence inside but 120mm of foam is super comfortable for extended trips. I live in Alice Springs so had to use a hose to give it 3 good soaksbto season it. There was some ingress of water but it should be ok now. Had the poles been colour coded or simple instructions provided I would have given it 5 stars. An improve ment would be zips on the bottom windows for changing bedding instead of having to climb inside.

1550 trail-x swag

Huge swag seems much bigger than my old big daddy style swag, and packs up slightly smaller too. Easy to set up, quality seems pretty good. Carry bag is very good plenty of room to fit other things in there with the swag. The only let down for me is that you cannot open any of the windows other than the 2 main entry’s from the inside.