Winter Camping Hacks to Stay Warm During the Colder Months

Winter Camping Hacks to Stay Warm During the Colder Months

Brrr, it’s cold in here.


One of the biggest misconceptions about Australia is that we don’t endure cold weather. But outdoorsy folk know better. Whether you’re camping in the snowy mountains or the desert, June, July, and August can get bone-chillingly cold ­- especially at night.


But lovers of the outdoors know that winter camping has a lot of upsides. For one, there are fewer bugs (hooray!). Plus, you can enjoy the peace and quiet that often eludes campers during the busier warmer seasons.


You just need the right gear to get you through those frosty mornings.


Keep the lights on


One of the challenges about winter camping is that it gets darker, earlier. Having a well-lit campsite and proper headlights and torches will make your evenings more comfortable. The waterproof Trail-X 4 Bar LED Light Kit has everything you need to light up an entire campsite. The strips are magnetic and come with velcro straps and cigarette plugs for extra versatility. It even has a dimmer switch to set the mood! The whole kit including the carry bag weighs less than a kilo. If you’re in the market for a new headlight, we love the Led Lenser MH10 Rechargeable Headlamp. But the budget-friendly Coleman CHT4 Headlight absolutely gets the job done, too. If you’ve got little ones, the Companion LED Kids Animal Headlamps are cute and functional.


Make a meal of it


A hot meal at the end of a long day hiking is a god-send in any weather. But we reckon it’s downright essential in winter. Make sure you’re set up to cook up a storm with ultra-portable but ultra-functional camp cooking equipment. The Pioneer 9Q Camp Oven Set is ideal for light travellers and hikers. Road warriors with room to spare will love the Oztrail 2020 Outback Cooker – complete with two cooking plates, a grill option, and a four-piece chimney. Bonus: it doubles as a campsite heater for extra chilly nights. If you can spare the packing space, a Campfire Cast Iron Jaffle Iron is absolutely guaranteed to be a hit when you need a little comfort food.


Sleep soundly


Staying warm in your sleeping bag is arguably the most important element in having an enjoyable winter camping trip. Your regular summer sleeping bag won’t do. Make sure your toes stay toasty even in sub-zero temperatures with Oztrail Blaxland Jumbo Hooded -5C Sleeping Bag or Darche Cold Mountain Canvas -5 Sleeping Bag. Keep the wind and rain out with an all-weather tent upgrade or a swag, if that’s more your style.


Camping in winter offers some of the most spectacular outdoor experiences for those who don’t mind braving the cold. We reckon it’s worth the effort. With the right gear to get you through windy nights and icy mornings, winter camping can be an absolutely incredible experience. Check out our massive range of camping equipment and accessories or drop us a line if you need advice on getting prepared for the elements. Happy camping!

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