Salvimar Steel Spearguns

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The exciting new Salvimar Steel Railgun is a truly deadly speargun which was designed for the spearo who wants to chase big fish. 

The Salvimar Steel Railgun has been manufactured specifically for our Australia conditions.

Detailed Description

  • Trigger:  Salvimar Full Metal trigger mechanism
  • Design: Manufactured using groundbreaking new M.I.M. technology (Metal Injection Molding)
  • M.I.M Technology: Allows for tiny metal components to be manufactured without the need for mechanical machining
  • Trigger: Full Metal Trigger has an amazing design which feels positive and strong in the divers hand
  • Release: Fully optimised Roller release system, which is completely made from steel for long life
  • Internal Roller: Steel roller wheel has been added to the release tooth to transform friction from sliding into a rolling type
  • Advantage: Steel Roller eliminates almost entirely all friction between the two sliding surfaces for the best release possibile
  • Pull: Significantly reduces the friction and permits a lighter and better feel on the trigger pull
  • Durability: Metal micro Roller release wheel further reduces the wear of the metal components in contact with each other
  • Handle: Metal handle is modified and reduced by 1 cm the distance between the trigger and the palm of the hand, to provide a more versatile grip
  • Barrel: Manufactured from a special aircraft grade aluminum with an integrated rail shaft guide incorporated into the length of the barrel
  • Rail: Barrel includes a fully integrated continuous molded rail into the aluminium which ensures superior shaft accuracy
  • Internals: Aluminium barrel is filled with high density foam to provide ideal neutral buoyancy
  • Barrel Venting: Unique venting for the last half of the barrel for reduced shaft friction and provides maximum power to the shaft on delivery 
  • Trigger: Features full Metal design with a stainless steel reverse style mechanism for 10 cm of extra length on barrel size
  • Mechanism: Trigger run has a micro mechanical screw adjustment so you can customise the trigger pulling power to suit your personal shooting style
  • Handle: Features a comfortable, rubberised, ergonomic grip with integrated safety lock
  • Line Release: Stainless steel dynamic line release can be can be positioned on either the right or left side
  • Comfort: Superior handle design fits in your hand like no other gun on the market
  • Aiming: Clever handle design ensures a lowered position of the butt to maintain a clear line of sight when aiming down the barrel for the spearo
  • Loading Butt: Rear mounted sternal support is designed to be easily removed to enhance diver customisation, even in the water
  • Muzzle: Open muzzle design allows for faster and easier reloading times, ideal for competitive spearos
  • Rubbers: The Open muzzle is specifically designed to ensure that the multiple rubbers avoid crossing each other and don't hamper power on shaft release
  • Shaft: 7 mm 17.4ph Hardened steel shaft with three Pacific Shark Fin Tabs - First Tab used for resting when loading, Back Two Tabs allow multiple rubbers
  • Flopper: 85 mm Single Flopper designed for maximum holding power on your fish
  • Shaft sizes: 95 cm gun = 140 cm Shaft / 105 cm gun = 150 cm Shaft / 115 cm gun = 160 cm Shaft / 125 cm gun = 170 cm Shaft
  • Rubbers: Twin 14 mm Looped rubbers with Dyneema Wishbone Bridles for easier handling and multiple loading
  • Rigging: Includes 1.9 mm Predator Grade Mono, double copper crimps and 450 lb snap clip speargun bungie for Australian spearing conditions
  • Includes: Supplied with a built in reel mount as standard but the reel is not supplied