Rapala X-Rap Magnum Single XRMAGS Trolling Lures

by Rapala
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The Rapala X-Rap Magnum is already making a big splash. 

A massive lip helps the X-Rap Magnum 10 dive to 10 feet unassisted, with nothing to hinder its action. Anglers can troll the lure as fast as 13 knots to attract mammoth gamefish. Boasting the tried-and-true X-Rap design, the bait features a textured, translucent, X-style plastic body, an internal scale pattern, internal holographic foil and attention-grabbing 3-D holographic eyes. 

Hand-tuned and tank-tested to meet Rapala’s strict quality standards, X-Rap Magnums run perfectly right out of the box with an enticing wobbling, side-to-side action that drives fish mad. The lure’s off-kilter swimming motion creates a steady vibration fish pick up on with their lateral lines, a system of sense organs fish use to track prey.

The legendary Rapala X-Rap Magnum with 2 x VMC 7266 single inline hooks purposely rigged point down to achieve better stability and a higher trolling speed.


36 Grams

120 mm 

Slow Rising 

Diving 4.5m


46 Grams

140 mm 

Slow Rising 

Diving 6.0m


72 Grams

160 mm 

Slow Rising 

Diving 9.0m

Detailed Description

  • Depth specific Diving Lip
  • Textured Translucent Body 
  • Internal Holographic Foil
  • 3d Holographic Eye 
  • Big Water Patterns